Howdy, Iā€™m Brian

Hello internet users, this is your captain Brian speaking. You are currently aboard the Exposed Daily blog. What does that mean exactly you may ask? Well this a blog where I, alongside two of my best friends, Nick and Tiffany, will be posting one picture we each take every day right here for you all to see. This will be done from October 1, 2010 until September 30, 2011, which by my calculations would be one entire year or 365 days. Now sometimes these pictures will be works of art, and other times they might be something we took quickly and uploaded from our phones since we were stupid and left our cameras at home, apologies in advance.

The idea for this blog came from Tiffany asking me if she should do a daily photoblog and I said something along the lines of “HELL YES, I’ll do it too!” I decided I’d set somewhere up for us to do that and then somehow Nick stumbled in on the project. I’ll let each of them explain a little bit more about themselves, their involvement, and perhaps how the heck they know me.

As for me, here I am…

(Photo by Ashley Elaine Photography)

I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I just graduated from college in May. I currently live in Central New Jersey where I was born and raised. This makes me a Devils fan unlike the other two South Jersey losers that will be posting alongside me. In addition to the obvious fact I like photography, since I am of course posting in a photoblog, I have a severe addiction to roller coasters and run a site called East Coast Coasters. If you want to know anything else about me you can probably figure out enough to stalk me or you could simply just ask.

Enjoy our 365 days of madness, please leave us lots of love in the form of comments.